Monthly Archives: November 2015

Life as a Master’s Student

I studied English at Durham as an undergraduate and not long before graduating, amidst third-year fears of ‘what to do next’ I got the opportunity to return to do an MA. Obviously I jumped at the chance! I have always been interested in doing further study and being able to continue on straight away at Durham seemed perfect; it’s a brilliant university for English, the course was exciting, many of my friends are here for their fourth years and it is where I live and work too.

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Remember remember the 5th of November – The Stockton Fireworks

I have been looking forward to the Stockton Fireworks since term began! I went with one of my flatmates and we followed the crowd along the river to watch the display. Local residents had already built up my anticipation as the night before I saw a couple of fireworks light up the sky, but it wasn’t JUST fireworks that we got to see. There’s a particular area in town, near Stockton High Street, which is an empty plot. But for this event, that empty plot turns into an amusement ground with food stalls. That was the big seller for me. I LOVE FOOD! Watching fireworks is great, but with food? It completely magnifies the whole experience.

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A closer look at Lumiere Light Festival – my experience as a Lumiere volunteer

Lumiere takes over the whole of Durham city during mid-November. The projection on the Cathedral and the Castle told the story of the evolution of human culture over the past millennium as well as describing an imaginary world to us. Those fantastic and surreal displays of the combination of light and all kinds of different theme brought a lot of excitement to the city.

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Creating The World Machine – Science meets Art

For a cold weekend in November the Lumiere festival once again comes to Durham. The city is transformed into a dazzling array of exhibits with a spectacular centre piece displayed against the backdrop of Durham cathedral, well, that is what I’ve heard. Truthfully, I hadn’t actually heard of the event until I was asked if I’d like to be involved in helping to make an exhibit for this year’s show, but when I was, how could I refuse!

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Creating The World Machine – Science Meets Art

I’m Myles, a 3rd year Castle student on a 4-year Physics course. I have been passionate about Physics from a young age and was compelled to study at Durham by it’s world-class reputation for teaching Physics, coupled with the University’s beautiful town and surroundings. As a keen trombonist and frisbee player, I was also drawn here by Durham’s wide range of music and sports societies.

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