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Celebrating Scientific Creativity – Photography Competition 2016

Building on the success of last years inaugaral photograph competition, the Faculty of Science decided to have another competition in 2016. The competition was open to all current Durham undergraduate and postgraduate students who were asked to take photographs that exhibited creativity and artistic flare while addressing the theme of ‘Scientific Creativity’.

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International Women’s Day Concert 2016: My Compositional Journey

After I had submitted one of my composition formatives on a morning during last term, I bumped into Sarah Hopkinson who is the person organising Music Durham’s first-ever International Women’s Day Concert. She asked whether I would be interested in having one of my pieces performed for the Concert and I agreed without any hesitation. I immediately knew that it would be a not-to-miss opportunity for me to have a glimpse of what it would be like having one of your pieces performed in the public, and sharing your own musical aesthetics to more people rather than lecturers and peers who are doing the composition module.

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