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Remember remember the 5th of November – The Stockton Fireworks

I have been looking forward to the Stockton Fireworks since term began! I went with one of my flatmates and we followed the crowd along the river to watch the display. Local residents had already built up my anticipation as the night before I saw a couple of fireworks light up the sky, but it wasn’t JUST fireworks that we got to see. There’s a particular area in town, near Stockton High Street, which is an empty plot. But for this event, that empty plot turns into an amusement ground with food stalls. That was the big seller for me. I LOVE FOOD! Watching fireworks is great, but with food? It completely magnifies the whole experience.

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Settling in: life at Durham University

Hello, everyone! My name is Lei Wang and I am from Beijing, China. I am a 3rd-year Economics student at St John’s College and I have been studying at Durham University for four years. During this time I have completed a Foundation programme and I am now going into the final year of my Bachelor degree. In my spare time I act as a Student Ambassador for the International Office and look after the University’s Weibo account.

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Queen’s Campus : My experience

Life on the campus is as vibrant as you make it. My standard day tends to range from a 9:00 AM statistics lecture (and several hours shouting profanities at the textbook until it makes sense) on one day, to parading through the heart of Stockton in the rain with a wrought iron rod dressed in Victorian black tie the next (that admittedly was only a one-off).

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