Monthly Archives: November 2013

Purple Radio

When people ask what you study and you answer Theology they often look at you with a slightly blank expression, and question what you could possibly do with said degree. I occasionally joke about joining a convent (or as I like to say ‘nunnery’) but my real answer is that I want to work in radio. I’ve come to know this through joining Purple Radio as a slightly over-keen Fresher at the Union fair. I love studying Theology, but Purple has turned an enjoyment of radio listening into a true passion for making great radio.

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Celebrating Science

Are you inspired by science? Yes, but not when it means slaving over a computer for hours on end editing a journal article that nobody will ever read. Can you explain this to a seven year old? Probably, with a big sign saying “Don’t do this at home”.

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Volunteering in Cambodia

Ever since I started my life at Durham University I have always looked for chances to do something different and that moment came last summer. Through DUCK (Durham University Charities Kommittee) I had the opportunity to spend my summer in Cambodia building a fruit and vegetable garden and teaching English to school children.

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