Remember remember the 5th of November – The Stockton Fireworks

I have been looking forward to the Stockton Fireworks since term began! I went with one of my flatmates and we followed the crowd along the river to watch the display. Local residents had already built up my anticipation as the night before I saw a couple of fireworks light up the sky, but it wasn’t JUST fireworks that we got to see. There’s a particular area in town, near Stockton High Street, which is an empty plot. But for this event, that empty plot turns into an amusement ground with food stalls. That was the big seller for me. I LOVE FOOD! Watching fireworks is great, but with food? It completely magnifies the whole experience.

I stood along the River Tees with the rest of the crowd as a couple of stalls were set up with lit up toys for kids and sparklers. You could see the young ones getting all excited, sitting on their parent’s shoulders or twirling their sparklers around.

There was a BBC stage set up far in front of me. I couldn’t see who was performing, but I enjoyed the songs he sang with his band. They performed until it was time for the fireworks display to begin.

There was a countdown for the fireworks before they went off at 7pm. 5…4…3…2…1!

It was all so synchronised and perfect. The analogy that comes to mind to express the experience is how the fireworks lit up the dark canvas sky as though the shell of the fireworks were the paintbrush and the colours were the paint.  There was this particular firework that looked just like Tinkerbell’s fairy dust (Peter Pan, in case you didn’t know). It was gold and so beautiful. The display went on for about 30 minutes with each firework different and more captivating than the other.

fireworks 2When the display ended, most people rushed over to the amusement ground. I went with my flatmate to grab something to munch on before going there. The food was absolutely delicious. This year, they had an American smoke Barbeque, and since I am American (at heart) this was the first area I went to. They also had stalls for hotdogs, burgers, doughnuts, fries… sorry, chips and beverages to quench the thirst.

From there, we went to the ground and there were rides (The kind you would find at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland). I went on one with my flatmate and the force was too much for her to handle so she ended up leaning sideways (she did look scared). I, on the other hand kept my happiness to myself. It wasn’t as AMAZING as rides you get at Thorpe Park, but it was at least something. There’s always some form of derivative joy from feeling like your soul is leaving your body (i.e. adrenaline rush)… weird… I know, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

After going on a couple of rides, we both decided to retire for the evening, walking back to our warm flat. It truly was amazing, and I am already anticipating the fireworks next year… I don’t think I CAN WAIT!!!

 Ore Adesoye, is studying Business and Management at Queens’ Campus.


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