Exploring your career options

At Durham University we have a range of local, national and international employers from many industries, including finance, law, science, technology and engineering coming here to our recruitment events. I recently attended some of these career events and thought I would give you some information about the different kinds available:

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Helping others with Enactus Durham

Enactus Durham and the Durham University Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre have had a great relationship over the years, working together to ensure that student social entrepreneurs have a big impact on disadvantaged people both locally and abroad.

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Kickstart weekend – my entrepreneurial challenge!

I recently participated in the most exhausting, inspiring and eye-opening weekend of my University career. I entered the Kickstart Weekend organised by Entrepreneurs Durham, which is an entrepreneurial challenge in which you have approximately 48 hours to build a business from the ground up. This seemed like a ridiculously daunting yet exciting prospect for an English student with very little legitimate business experience, but I booked my ticket anyway – enticed further by the prospect of a midnight pizza delivery as detailed on the weekend plan.

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Working as a Student Assistant with the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre

When I accepted my MA place at Durham at the end of my third year I was filled with both relief and total panic. I was of course elated to have another year here at Durham but I would then need to get a part-time job.  When I saw the advert for the role of marketing intern in the Careers Centre I nearly leaped out of my seat. A job that fit the working hours allowed by my scholarship, flexible hours, and a chance to gain experience in an area I was actually interested in as a career after graduation. I had to have it. So I brushed up my CV, gave a nervous interview, and crossed my fingers. Luckily I got the job as you may well have guessed. Continue reading

My winter break in Durham

Spending Christmas and New Year’s in Durham wasn’t my first choice as I hoped to see my family,  but, what can one do when the prices of plane tickets home surge especially at this time of year? Luckily, many of my friends, mostly international, decided to stay behind as well, leading to us arranging many festive feasts and trips. Needless to say, I had a wonderful time. Continue reading