Exploring your career options

At Durham University we have a range of local, national and international employers from many industries, including finance, law, science, technology and engineering coming here to our recruitment events. I recently attended some of these career events and thought I would give you some information about the different kinds available:

Presentation evenings

These events have a more formal set up where, well, as obvious from the title, you will be presented with information, for example, about the company, different career opportunities, how to apply and so forth. It’s a great way to learn about the employer, the sector, and of course, getting a job. Presentation evenings are mostly followed by networking sessions with representatives from the company.

Networking drinks

Networking drinks can be a session after a presentation or an event on its own. They provide you with opportunities to network with representatives from different business areas within the company, as well as, of course, drinks. At these events, you can learn more about the work, lifestyle and culture of the organisation directly from employees and gain a little insight into whether that career could be for you. Although the dress code is business formal/casual, the conversations are casual, so you really feel comfortable asking questions and getting to know the business.

pichi 2

Networking event

Breakfast / Brunch / Afternoon teas

These events offer a more casual, informal and intimate setting. Usually 3-5 company representatives attend the events with places for around 20-30 students. Over cakes, pastries etc., you can casually discuss career opportunities, network, and get to know the firm. As it is a smaller scale event, you may have the chance to speak more with each rep.


Of course, I am only detailing a few types of event – other kinds include careers fairs, speed-networking, business simulation and many more. If you want to find out more about career options, there are multiple ways – you can  speak directly to recruiters and company representatives, and of course talk to the Durham University Careers Centre.

Find out more

I have provided some links for you to find out more about events coming up, so here are the ones I find most useful:

Careers Centre: http://www.facebook.com/careersatdurham/

Durham University Women in Business: http://www.facebook.com/DUWIB/

Durham University Finance Society: http://dufs.co.uk

Durham University Consulting Society: http://www.facebook.com/durhamconsulting/

 Written by Pichi Charoenpanit, Psychology student at Hild Bede College.


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