Working as a Student Assistant with the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre

When I accepted my MA place at Durham at the end of my third year I was filled with both relief and total panic. I was of course elated to have another year here at Durham but I would then need to get a part-time job.  When I saw the advert for the role of marketing intern in the Careers Centre I nearly leaped out of my seat. A job that fit the working hours allowed by my scholarship, flexible hours, and a chance to gain experience in an area I was actually interested in as a career after graduation. I had to have it. So I brushed up my CV, gave a nervous interview, and crossed my fingers. Luckily I got the job as you may well have guessed.


File 03-02-2016 10 34 08The first day was a blur of names, and by the end I was worried that I’d never learn it all. But it’s amazing how quickly you pick things up, and everyone was always happy to help when I wasn’t sure what was going on. So what on earth do you do all day? I hear you ask. Good question.

Work in the Careers Centre is pretty varied, with so many yearly and termly events what I do can be radically different from week to week. One of my first tasks was to redesign the poster for the Open Day and to post information about the Careers Centre on Facebook and Twitter.

The next week I was promoting the Careers fair and the week after I was at the same fair helping out. Sometimes I am filling boxes with promotional pens and stress balls, other times I am writing plans to change how we organise information about careers. One of my main responsibilities is organising the output from our social media accounts so students can find out about the Centre’s services and events that employers put on around the University. I also attend some meetings, I’ve taken minutes and contributed to the discussion where I can. I’ve assisted with focus groups and employers forums. The Careers Centre has trusted me with a lot of responsibility and this has given me a chance to develop skills that will be extremely useful in the future, especially in a career in marketing but also any office-based job.

File 03-02-2016 10 44 22I have loved working with the Careers Centre and I’d urge anyone studying in Durham next year to consider looking into the large number of student assistant roles available within the University.

What’s next for me? Currently I’m applying for PhD courses at Durham and looking forward to the challenges of the next term. Wish me luck!

Imogen Eddleston is a Marketing and Admin Intern in the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre and is studying MA Religion and Society.


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