Thanksgiving – the Durham way

To us Brit’s the concept of Thanksgiving is a somewhat foreign concept, something that we are vaguely aware of through the occasional pop culture reference or our favourite American films and TV shows.  However, for most American’s the Thanksgiving holiday is the highlight of the year, a time for giving thanks and celebration not to mention feast on some amazing food.

Thanksgiving is America’s biggest holiday and is held on the last Thursday of November every year. The holiday allows Americans to share good food with family and friends, and give thanks for all the things they are fortunate enough to have.

With 80 American athletes here in Durham from all over the United States, it was sure to be a celebration to remember. For many this was the first time that they were separated from their families on this famous holiday, so they tried to make it as similar to home as they could.

It may have come as a shock to the system for the American students who are usually given a week off for Thanksgiving that they had to continue their normal days of work and studies. They had to wait till evening to show off their cooking. Some chose to do a favourite family recipe such as green bean casserole, while others kept to the classic American specials, mashed potato and pecan pie.

A selection of Thanksgiving food

A selection of Thanksgiving food.

Many of the American students had their meals with their roommates in student accommodation, which included around 10 people, so there was plenty to choose from and always enough food for seconds and thirds. A particular favourite dish of the evening was corn casserole and the famous American mac and cheese.

Later that night all the houses joined together for dessert and drinks which went down a treat and were a perfect end to an overseas thanksgiving.




Nicola is studying MSc Management at Durham University.


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